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Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

In-Voice: Telecommunications - QNET

Today, it is so simple to stay in touch with loved ones and so cheap to stay connected to your business partners… But it is also easy to be confused by all the technology, rate plan options, and high-tech gadgets that are on the market, leaving you baffled as to how to find a solution that best fits you, your lifestyle, and your needs. Not to mention all those hidden costs that start to show up on your bill after you’ve already signed the contract.

In-Voice is your effective solution to take the confusion and risk out of the telecommunications equation and makes your choice simple, easy, and personal. In addition to In-Voice’s exclusive and innovative hardware, software and capabilities, In-Voice also carefully selects from leading communication devices and technology that are on the market. This creates a product offering and range of services that can cater to individual needs, preferences and even circumstances.

Gathered together in one online place for your ease of shopping comfort, In-Voice also offers top-rate customer support and after-sales service, inexpensive variety, and simple, easy-to-understand explanations of innovative technology… meaning you can talk all day, everyday, and you won’t have to dread the bill!

In-Voice. Bringing people closer.

Key Benefits

  • Communication Without Borders

    Stay conveniently connected anytime and anywhere with In-Voice. The revolutionary telecommunications solutions provided by In-Voice mean getting in touch with your loved ones and business partners has never been cheaper or easier from anywhere in the world.

  • Cost Saving

    The convergence of technologies and services allows you to save up to 80% on your telecommunication expenses. There are even ways to stay connected for FREE*!

  • Flexibility, Mobility, Convenience

    In-Voice provides you with all-in-one telecommunication solutions, tailored to your needs. Use your landline, mobile, personal computer, In-Voice exclusive hardware, and even pay phones… anywhere and anytime. The choice is yours.

  • You are in Control

    Manage your account, track your usage, never miss any new opportunities. Everything can be done and monitored online through your personal Account Manager portal.

  • Continuous Upgrade and Support

    In-Voice delivers nothing but the best. Backed by our own telecommunications service provider in the UK, we continuously search for new technologies for better quality of service and new features; the more, the better. Our technical team is always available, our support is completely yours.

*OnNet calls within the In-Voice network are free of charge.

Products are subject to the availability and applicable laws of the country in which they are to be marketed and sent. Some products may not be available or suitable for sale or distribution in your country and QNet reserves the right at its discretion to change such products or make such alternative products available as necessary in replacement thereof. Disclaimers, terms and conditions apply as necessary and applicable.

Video In-Voice: Telecommunications - QNET

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